When the confidence goes – what to do?

I have sadly been struck by the ‘I am a pants writer’ disease. It has nibbled away at me for a few days before erupting into the full blown disease.

I have hidden away from this blog, I have hardly tweeted and i have only had short bursts of writing interjected with taking one daughter or the other to the GP, parents evenings and general household necessities.

Why is it that some days I feel I have a story to tell, emotions to explore and characters to create, and other days, I feel an empty darkness pervading my soul that prevents me from putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

It’s not writers block – the characters live and play in my head most days – and I’m not clinically depressed, I just find waiting for agents to say yes or no hard at times. The longer the time goes on the easier it gets I suppose, but even ease can fluctuate.

The odd tweet about this has seen me receive sweet words from people on Twitter so I know I’m not alone in suffering from this malicious syndrome – but malady in numbers doesn’t feel less painful.

I went to a comedy club last weekend and Arthur Smith said that I was too kind, hence I’ll not always get what I want – does he know something I don’t?

I have a couple of competition pieces in the pipeline if I can put words to quill.

Fellow writers and bloggers – what do you do in times like these? I had a hot cross bun with jam and clotted cream which I suppose helped as I’ve written this!

Happy Word Flow One & All