Perseverance Pays

A while ago, a literary agent requested the full manuscript of my novel, and I was cautiously excited as I’ve been here before. Then, a few weeks ago, I had a Zoom meeting with the A for Authors Agency, and I was offered representation by Kirstie Long, and I accepted!

It has been a long journey to get to this point. I started writing ten years ago, and my search for a literary agent began shortly after when I naively thought I was ready. Then, I was fortunate enough to have seven novels published by Wintergoose Publishing, which occupied me for five years. I learned much from working with the editor there, but I realised I still had so much more to learn, and the desire to have an agent by my side had resurfaced.

So, I took the Edit and Pitch Your novel course with Curtis Brown Creative and discovered I enjoyed being immersed in learning the craft of writing. Then, two years ago, I found The Novelry, where I worked on my novel by writing, re-writing and editing until I felt I could do no more. And et voilá, I found representation!

To those writers seeking representation, I remember clearly how it felt to receive rejections, but as Sylvia Plath said, see these rejections, they say I’m a writer. So I pinned the positive, personalised rejections on my noticeboard to remind me that I was ‘getting there’ and kept trying.

Of course, getting an agent does not mean that my novel will be picked up by a publisher, but if it is, it will take maybe a year or two before I can hold the book in my hands. After that, who knows what the future holds?

I am still a member of The Novelry, as I love the supportive community, the courses and the guest authors who come and talk to us about their journey and the craft of writing. In addition, I am constantly discovering new books I want to read by inspiring authors. So, along with all the book bloggers I follow on Twitter and Instagram, my bookshelves are groaning!

Fingers crossed, Margot Baker Knows Best will become a book, but in the meantime, I am busy writing the next one.

Persevere, dear writers, if you’re seeking representation, there will be an agent for you. Learn your craft and work on your novel until you feel you can do no more. And don’t be defeated by rejections – remember dear Sylvia Plath.

Happy Word Flow, One and All.


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