How much action can a reader take?

Whilst writing a psychological thriller, I am aware that the reader needs to feel tension mingled with periodic moments of action. However, the reader also needs periods of calm breathing and rest bite from the emotional scrutiny and fear. I need to be mindful of the state of their hearts and minds.

I have recently written a chapter where violence is the subject and fear is swamping the protagonist’s life. So now, I’m writing a calmer section now, but I as the author, I worry that the words may appear flat after the suspense, even though I search for descriptive and powerful words even when peace is prevailing.

A psychological thriller tends to lean towards the psychology of the characters rather than the plot itself, hence my dark, twisted and tortured souls render themselves perfectly to this genre.

I will often have the suspense coming from within my characters, where perhaps they have to resolve inner conflicts to soothe their own minds. The characters are more important than the plot, that’s not to say that the plot is weak or non-existent. Their emotional backgrounds and state of mind are what interest me, and I like t explore what makes them tick.

Perhaps I’m querying all this because I prefer writing about the brooding characters who find themselves in a moment of suspense but the reader will probably need the roller-coaster ride.

Happy Word Flow One & All