Local beach near where we live in North Suffolk Well here we are again, folks, in our second lockdown, in an attempt to lower the infection rate of covid-19. I am so glad we managed to see our daughters when the rules allowed, as it had been well over six months since we had last … Continue reading Lockdown2

Honing my craft

Someone once asked me why I was doing yet another writing course when I already have numerous published books - via Winter Goose Publishing - plus an audiobook, as though being a published author is the pinnacle of my desires. My short answer was, there is always something new to learn, always the need to … Continue reading Honing my craft

Audiobook of The Reluctant Mother now available.

 I made great use of the total lockdown period by listening to each chapter of The Reluctant Mother, recorded by the talented Marie-Pierre Voice. This was a new experience for me. I had to read the novel at the same time to ensure the recording followed the print version, and my publisher had to do … Continue reading Audiobook of The Reluctant Mother now available.