Finding my inner voice with music

Oh yes, I’m trying to write this whilst my daughters are watching the Gadget show – which I hate & which is infiltrating my inner calm – so this post may leave you perplex – welcome to my world.

I have been enjoying writing in the garden with a fresh pot of coffee and my ipod. Most recent writing has see me exploring violent arena’s I didn’t know I was capable of imagining or writing.

The music I have found successful for such writing was Green Day & Elliot Minor – yes you read that correctly.

For calmer literary moments I listen to Mumford & Sons and James Blunt – again I bet many of you wince at my choices. However, I have many more albums on my ipod and my eclectic taste may change from day to day depending on characters, mood and weather to mention but a few factors.

I keep flitting between characters being mute to then them making up their own minds and taking me off in a different direction – which sometimes ends up being more interesting.

I wonder if you have special music for those special writing moments?

Happy Word Flow One & All

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