The flash of the speed camera

I’ d put the ms of ‘Attic of the Mind’ away after 3 edits and putting a tentative feeler out to an agent – still waiting to hear, in case you wondered.

However, my husband read the entire novel in a matter of days, finding as I hoped, that it was full of twists and surprises. One of the valid comments he made was that the denouement was to pacey – too much for the reader to digest in a short period of time.

Interestingly, I wasn’t surprised by his comment – as if I’d listened to my inner machinations – I’d have heard those very words tumble around my brain. I was so keen to get the words on the page and to read what the characters had in store for me, that I forgot to watch my speed, officer. I avoided the speed camera, but I came away with points on my licence.

Perhaps I was too hasty in letting ‘my baby’ go, but then, there may be an agent out there who may see the potential in my story and be willing to guide me through yet another edit.

Happy Word Flow One & All