Who are you writing for?

This is the question you should be thinking about, as in the business world of publishing, they are considering just that. The people with the power and money want to know if your work will sell. By thinking about the following questions, you will be well on the way to having a clear vision of your novel that will transfer to your query letter and synopsis.

– How does my novel stand out in the genre crowd?

– What makes me the right person to write it?

– Who is the novel aimed at?  What are they already reading?

– Does the novel have a ‘grab me’ hook?

– Do I have more to give after this novel – is this a potential part of a series?

– Do I have the ability to promote the novel with a web presence or platform?

Of course, you may think of many other valid questions – do let me know – my willingness to continue learning is boundless.

Seeing your novel with a business eye helps you focus during your planning stage, as you ultimately want it to sell. Personally, I am not naturally a business person, but I am  developing the view of a business package entwined with my writing.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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