How to make yourself sound interesting.

Famous 1999

Often an agent or publisher request a short blurb about the author – and writing about oneself is harder than it looks.
If the blurb is for the book cover – then remember that it becomes part of the public domain. In view of this, you have to be sure that what is printed is something you want to share – as it could be around for a long while.

Humour can often be a useful standpoint from which the author can connect with the reader – show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. For example, Katie Fforde  used  to list  her hobbies as ironing and housework, for which she regrettably  had very little time, because the afternoon chat shows required her full attention. Already I’m smiling after reading that.
I often mention on Twitter that my writing time is often interrupted by having to feed my family – can’t they just eat crisps? I’ve sometimes get so lost in my writing that i forget to prepare the meal – and I often get Tweets from other writers who totally connect with me.

Some authors mention where they live, marital status and offspring to round off the blurb. Of course if you wish to remain private, these facts can be left out.
Remember that people can have a short attention span – hence my short blog posts! – so put the most important facts first and try to make it snappy.

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2 thoughts on “How to make yourself sound interesting.

  1. If this works I'll be a happy bunny – so here goes.
    Really appreciate your comment and to know that humour is a positive standpoint – if this doesn't print, I'll need to summon up more than ruddy humour not to stomp on my laptop.
    Thanks Hemmie 🙂


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