How to cope with those moments of self-doubt.

Let’s be honest, we are all plagued with moments of self-doubt and despair in our ability to become a published author; or in our ability to create the perfect writing to hook an agent or publisher. I understand that even agented and published authors continue to suffer such afflictions, hence I know I’ve chosen a path that will be littered with a plethora of self-destructive potholes.

When I am struck by the negativity beast, I have a few options that invariably help to ease the emotional pain. It goes without saying that chocolate should be added to each option – ranging from the milk variety to the decadent (and so when most needed) Green & Black and Lindt a touch of sea salt (serious stuff indeed).

1) I read uplifting and inspirational tweets, blogs or articles written by people such as @Fictionnotes, @jammer0501, @Clipso1, @johannaharness and @dirtywhitecandy – to name but a few people on Twitter that I follow – I also  follow many other fabulous people, too many to mention, so please don’t be offended if you aren’t personally mentioned – I appreciate you too.

2) I read a novel in my chosen genre which will either re-light my fire (thank you Take That) or, more detrimentally , will make me believe that my writing is so dire, no wonder I’m unagented.

3) Listen to some music through headphones so that I’m totally absorbed by the notes. I will play anything from classical to rock )Bach and Green Day feature heavily on my ipod).

4) Tweet a fellow writer, or the writing arena en general – i do like #amwriting, again on Twitter – as the collective will understand what I’m experiencing and will send words of comfort and encouragement.

5) Cook a sumptuous meal for my family (thank you Nigella).

6) Sometimes I find that a Moscow Mule helps the juices to flow, or at least partially numb my senses to the awareness of my lack of self-worth. However, this isn’t an option for early morning writer blues.

7) If all else fails, I put the demon thoughts to one side with my WIP and decide to leave any writing for the following day. Personally, I tend to wake up feeling positive and invigorated, and so I will find myself in the right frame of mind to allow the words to flow freely.

I know I’m not alone in experiencing such crushing writer lows – so come on folks – tell me what you do so I can add them to my list, so that the next time (oh yes, there will be a next time)  I will have other options to soothe my emotions.

Happy Word Flow One & All