How to cope with those moments of self-doubt.

Let’s be honest, we are all plagued with moments of self-doubt and despair in our ability to become a published author; or in our ability to create the perfect writing to hook an agent or publisher. I understand that even agented and published authors continue to suffer such afflictions, hence I know I’ve chosen a path that will be littered with a plethora of self-destructive potholes.

When I am struck by the negativity beast, I have a few options that invariably help to ease the emotional pain. It goes without saying that chocolate should be added to each option – ranging from the milk variety to the decadent (and so when most needed) Green & Black and Lindt a touch of sea salt (serious stuff indeed).

1) I read uplifting and inspirational tweets, blogs or articles written by people such as @Fictionnotes, @jammer0501, @Clipso1, @johannaharness and @dirtywhitecandy – to name but a few people on Twitter that I follow – I also  follow many other fabulous people, too many to mention, so please don’t be offended if you aren’t personally mentioned – I appreciate you too.

2) I read a novel in my chosen genre which will either re-light my fire (thank you Take That) or, more detrimentally , will make me believe that my writing is so dire, no wonder I’m unagented.

3) Listen to some music through headphones so that I’m totally absorbed by the notes. I will play anything from classical to rock )Bach and Green Day feature heavily on my ipod).

4) Tweet a fellow writer, or the writing arena en general – i do like #amwriting, again on Twitter – as the collective will understand what I’m experiencing and will send words of comfort and encouragement.

5) Cook a sumptuous meal for my family (thank you Nigella).

6) Sometimes I find that a Moscow Mule helps the juices to flow, or at least partially numb my senses to the awareness of my lack of self-worth. However, this isn’t an option for early morning writer blues.

7) If all else fails, I put the demon thoughts to one side with my WIP and decide to leave any writing for the following day. Personally, I tend to wake up feeling positive and invigorated, and so I will find myself in the right frame of mind to allow the words to flow freely.

I know I’m not alone in experiencing such crushing writer lows – so come on folks – tell me what you do so I can add them to my list, so that the next time (oh yes, there will be a next time)  I will have other options to soothe my emotions.

Happy Word Flow One & All

6 thoughts on “How to cope with those moments of self-doubt.

  1. Thanks for your words, Hemmie! It's good to be get a reminder every now and then. Teetering on the edge of your own self doubt can be frustrating sometimes, and we all go there. Here's to seeing the sun on the other side of that fence!


  2. This last night and this morning I was pretty low. I'm snapping out of it now, but it takes time.

    I cry on my hubby's shoulder, then I'll watch a good movie. Then I read blogs by other writers and take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in this. Thank you!


  3. Hi there furthermo & Julie

    Thank you both for your comments; it is good to share and to realise that we all visit the writers' darkness at some point or other. A good movie is another good thought, Julie, and also, my husband said that I can cry on his shoulder anytime – bless.
    So let's look forward to seeing the sun the other side of the fence, as you so aptly put it, furthermo.
    Thank you both, and welcome & thanks for following my blog Julie.


  4. Great post, Hem. Plus a nice mention of me, which is always a bonus. You sound like my kind of girl – a sumptuous meal, music and a moscow mule – now if that doesn't get you the hell out of depressed-ville then nothing will.


  5. I read Elmore Leonard's “10 Rules of Writing Plus One,” pour myself a shot of Bushmill's and put my writer pants back on. Writing, it's not for sissies. (Although a hug can help sometimes.)


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