What I would say…

If I had an agent and a publishing deal, I would like to be featured as a debut novelist in a writing magazine. The article would read something like this:

Remember that the struggle was there at the beginning and it can rear its ugly head at anytime. Not only does one have to learn the craft of writing well, one also has to learn to write a synopsis and a query or cover letter. It is something every writer has to deal with – so deal with it the best you can.

Low moods and positive thoughts: everyone has a down day – that’s called being human – accept the lows and move on. Be aware of your mind set and don’t punish yourself if you can’t see the good in anything you do – it will pass and the positive vibes will come swimming back.

Thinking time: don’t think that thinking time is a waste of time – it’s a time to reflect on the WIP to think of new twists and plots and to listen to what the characters are saying to you. Agatha Christie would get new ideas whilst washing the dishes – I do enough of that to have ideas for the next fifty novels!

Read: don’t always criticise your own work when reading that of others – embrace the difference and challenge your perceptions about style and format.

Believe in yourself: if you can’t, why should anyone else – but don’t sound cocky – no one likes a bulbous head.

Perseverance: don’t let rejections bring your writing crashing to a halt. To embrace the concept of being a writer, one has to embrace the rejections. If you feel your plot line is off beam, study your mind map or take some thinking time to consider the options. Don’t give up a WIP if you feel stuck, work through it – embrace the challenge.

One day I hope to become a published novelist. I would always remember these days and I would hope to inspire and encourage other hopefuls. I am aware that all the above points would still be relevant even if published, but it doesn’t stop me desiring to write write write.

Welcome Rob, thanks for the follow.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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