My muse is a minx

Fellow tweepees may have seen that my muse is playing hide & seek and i have no hope of finding her today – as with yesterday.

So i thought I’d turn my attention to my blog but the minx has taken away any worthy quips i may have had with her too.

I’m not going to debate the writers block angle – there’s already enough out there

I’m a doubting Thoma and i sometimes wonder if these words are being read or whether they are washing around cyber space. I’m eternally grateful for the followers i have, but more would be delectable.

I’d have a virtual soiree with wine and nibbles to coax new people along. But Ann Summers i am not – although I’m not granny knickers either.

I vainly highlight my blog on Twitter knowing that others have fr more worthy and literary blogs than mine. Therefore, i should advertise mine as a respite for the brain, a Take a Break magazine rather than a National Geographical – i don’t read either actually.

Hope it was fun dropping in – pass my name on to others in search of a rest.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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