Nailing the viewpoint

My current WIP, a psychological thriller, moves around viewpoint wise, from an overview to following certain individuals.

I have been writing this one in such a manner as I didn’t want to use only one viewpoint , otherwise that character would have to be in every scene. I want different events to be happening with and to different people, and I also want the various characters to interact with each other at various moments in the story.

I want this story to be almost like watching a movie rather than following one persons journey. In fact, this story is about the journey for 3 people, for 3 different reasons and they don’t know that the journey is happening for the other characters. It does all tie together – but for obvious reasons, I’m not saying anymore here and now!

I am aware that there are rules in writing, but it’s also an art form where the artist can flex those individual nuances that make each novel interesting.
In the world of Art, the likes of Damien Hurst or Tracey Emin are not always appreciated as they pushed the boundaries and broke the rules. How dull life would be if we were all the same.

I’m not that radical, but I do want the freedom of movement and the element of individuality.

I like a novel with twists, turns and surprises, therefore, I’m writing a novel that I would like to read. I’m enjoying the challenges that the characters are throwing at me and the way that when I’m washing up etc. the characters talk to me and ideas pop into my head.

What is your preferred viewpoint to use – is my method just too confusing for the reading, or does it add to the excitement, pace and element of surprise?

Happy Word Flow One & All and welcome to Beth who inspired me to start this blog.

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