Showing & Telling

I didn’t realise how time consuming having a blog was. Life outside of writing eats into precious time like a ravaging tornado.

I have been focusing on current WIPpsychological thriller – Dark Edges – working title. I am sometimes so consumed by the characters, their secrets and their dark deeds that real life pales into insignificance.

i have been avidly reading books & articles on Showing & Telling as it was mentioned to me on that I sometimes do both at once. For example, I show that someone is anxious by actions of chewing fingernails or bottom lip; but then I spoil it by pointing out that they are feeling anxious.

It seems to be a sin to Tell but then i read an article in Writers’ Forum by Hugh Scott saying that “To advise writers to avoid Tell …is advising them to avoid simplicity.”

When reading novels I notice that authors use Tell, but perhaps they can because they’re published authors or a big name. I can’t always fathom out the rules, but I like the idea of writing as a free form that sucks the reader into another world – nothing wrong with that I say.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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