When characters lead the way

When I started the current WIP, I had written character cards detailing their appearance and habits. I had also detailed the plot and subplots as well as the denouement.

For the first few thousand words all seemed to be going according to plan. However, around the 50,000 word count, one of my characters wanted to head a certain way, which led me down a surprising route.

I read my WIP as a writer and also as a reader; as a reader, I expected something to happen in one way, but I was shocked to discover the shift in plot and direction. I’m pleased I allowed the character to take charge, although it has led me down a path I wasn’t prepared to write about, yet it excited me. There was a wealth of emotion and characteristic flaws that they displayed – as though opening their hearts and dark souls for me to inspect.

I still have the denouement in mind, but I’m aware that changes may also happen there – something I haven’t yet seen, but that one of the characters may already have in mind.

Perhaps you too find that certain characters take control and push you into unseen plot lines – but I think it can be a positive action that shouldn’t be ignored.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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