Obsessed with WIP

I have been remiss at writing my blog as I’ve been totally obsessed with my WIP – Dark Edges (WT, but may stick if nothing better comes along).

Of course as a wife and mother, I do have other commitments (why can’t we live on sandwiches?), and I try to fulfil them to the best of my ability (although I have sometimes forgotten to prepare a meal).

I’m writing the denouement, where all the threads from the subplots and the twists come together, hopefully making sense and surprising the reader.

The characters are certainly surprising me, and in my notebook (I scrawl words first then type them up, changing as i see fit), I have flashes of inspiration written in the headers to use later. Sometimes I do wish the characters would calm down and stop clamouring for attention – I already have a family.

I can’t write fast enough at times as my brain is screaming words at me, and I get so obsessed with the story that I’m unaware of the time passing – living on coffee and earl grey tea during the day, can’t be good.

Having said all this, I’m finding the writing exciting and I’m having to watch my pace (see earlier blog) as I can be in a tearing hurry if I’m not careful.

I already have the burgeoning of the next novel and character’s name scrawled in my notebook – but one thing at a time please brain.

I do hope that you are finding your muse exciting and inspirational – mine is positively whizzing at the mo – and I will re-read this post if I have a blank day to remind me that even a muse needs a rest at times before she flies again.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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