Striving for perfection

Perfection is mentioned in writing magazines, on the blog and on numerous websites – all assaulting my brain with how to write the perfect opening lines, ending, synopsis and covering letter – to name but a few.

I soak up the advice and try and hone my skills by writing and re-writing until I feel I’m almost there.

But the thing I hoped I didn’t need to be perfect with was my blog. Granted, I’m still a newbie at this, but I hoped it could be an interesting and honest appraisal of my journey writing my current WIP. I hoped that I was voicing what other aspiring authors think and feel, so that the collective “we” don’t feel so isolated.

It was lovely to see that my blog on pace struck a chord with a reader who then tweeted me – and it’s those instances that encourage me to keep going.

I read how a blog should be a showcase for my writing. However, if I wrote my blog as dark and as gritty as my novels, then my blog could be deemed too depressing or harrowing to read.

Striving for perfection in all areas of writing can sometimes take the spontaneity out of something like writing a blog. I certainly don’t want to be judged by my ramblings here – as depending on my mood du jour, I could be portrayed in a variety of lights – not all of them flattering.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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