When to let the baby go?

Over the past few days, I’ve spent 8 hours each day polishing my ms. Snipping, cutting, amending, until I feel just about satisfied.

This has been my baby since January and I feel a reluctance to let it go, even though the character from my next novel is already butting into my thoughts.

In a bid to let my baby fly, I queried an agent last night. It’s always worrying wondering whether someone else with think your baby is ugly.

I’ve trusted my baby with someone I think will find my genre fitting to their needs, but that’s only an educated guess from my own research. And if my baby’s not talented enough for them, I’ll have to look elsewhere for a suitable nursery.

Now i play the waiting game to see whether the agent replies. Disappointment will wash over me when I get an e-mail alert, only to see it’s no from the agent.

Anyway, my baby has been washed, dressed, fed and changed, so now I will turn my attention to mind mapping my next novel, with the aid of the new character who is screaming to be heard.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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