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How to stop thinking about the agent issue.

Okay -I admit that I go through periods of nail-biting tension, anxiously checking my emails and the post, to see if I’ve had a response from an agent. I don’t literally bite my nails… Continue reading

Enjoying the darkness.

My novel,  a psychological thriller –  Attic of the Mind  – follows a twisting road of deceit, revenge and ultimately, resolution. In reality, I don’t live in a dark world full of misery,… Continue reading

The rush to find an agent.

Hindsight is a marvellous phenomenon which we are all blessed with when it’s too late.Last year, I sent Attic of the Mind  out to a few agents, but without success except for one… Continue reading

Do you say you are a writer?

We had friends over for a meal this weekend, and a little voice in me wanted to tell them that I’m writing my fourth novel, but a louder voice clamped down on that… Continue reading

When to let the baby go?

Over the past few days, I’ve spent 8 hours each day polishing my ms. Snipping, cutting, amending, until I feel just about satisfied. This has been my baby since January and I feel… Continue reading