The rush to find an agent.

Hindsight is a marvellous phenomenon which we are all blessed with when it’s too late.
Last year, I sent Attic of the Mind  out to a few agents, but without success except for one partial request.
Six months later, I re-read the ms and discovered that it still wasn’t polished to my liking. I had to remove paragraphs that were leading nowhere, and chop around the structure in places to improve the flow and pace. After a fifth rewrite I felt a warm glow about the result – ah – that warm glow feeling we so seek.

I am, however, someone who learns from mistakes – why make them otherwise – and I realised that my synopsis needed a face-lift. @Bubblecow (Twitter) talks about the synopsis being a marketing tool – a way to sell oneself. So, seeing it with this in mind, I wrote another one that I believe to be more appealing, snappy and attention grabbing – I hope.

I have read more about the Kindle and ebooks – as this may be forward for me – who knows?
Okay – I have tentatively begun the search for an agent – but I’m aware that querying agents can have an addictive undercurrent – so I must tread with caution, and continue to learn from my mistakes.
I feel hopeful about 2011 – let’s hope it doesn’t let me down.

Happy Word Flow One & and All

2 thoughts on “The rush to find an agent.

  1. Good luck! I hope you have more luck this time around. You do right to rewrite and not give up 🙂 I'm trying to get an agent myself at the moment, it's hard work! I hope 2011 brings you success. Sarah.


  2. Thank you for your comment Sarah – you're right, it is hard work – but hopefully worth it for both of us! Let's hope our search will be over in 2011 Good luck to you too 🙂


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