Remember it’s the first draft.

This should be my mantra, currently, as my WIP is over 58,000 words and I’m suffering with fluctuating emotions.
I read a wonderful quote on Twitter – I forget from who, but if it’s you, please let me know – that reads, “a novel is not written, but rewritten”- repeat after me….
It is so easy to forget, as one ploughs along, writing from the brain and heart. As has been mentioned by numerous people, it’s easier to edit words that are on the page/screen, than have no words to edit at all.

I have to periodically remind myself, that to get  Attic of the Mind  to the standard I felt worthy of sending out, it took five rewrites, plus a final polishing. Hence, I should realise that my current WIP is a long way from being the polished article I would be happy to send out.

There is a tendency to believe that others around one are writing better – faster – more wisely than oneself, but we all have moments of word-freeze and self-doubt – it goes with the territory. Far better to remember that everyone has to work and rework a story before it becomes the novel worthy of belief.

Sometimes, it is wise to let the words flow, regardless of their ugliness or redundancy. The more one reads and writes, the more the mind will register relevant words and ideas that will produce the rich text that forms the intricate plot line.

Never give up – the first draft is what it is – the first draft.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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