Christmas Wishes & Future Hopes.

How quickly this time of the year comes around to envelope us in the melee of shopping, wrapping and baking. as much as I love this time of year – I also know that it will impede my writing time somewhat.

Writing has always been a pleasure in my life – during my school years I always used to write about Hayden Moss as WWII fighter pilot, and I remember my English teacher saying that over the years, I had probably written a book – although totally unpublishable I imagine. Writing is important to me and something I feel the need to do – although sometimes I can only write drivel that needs plenty of revision at a later date.

New Years Eve is a time for reflection about the passing year, and to conjure up hopes and desires for the future.
One gift I know I’m getting is the Writers’ & Artists’ yearbook 2011, and I intend to plough through it to search out suitable agents an publishers for my psychological thriller.

I also plan to re-write my query letter and synopsis to make it more succinct and eye-catching. Oh yes – I’m hoping that 2011 will bring me an agent or publisher, all wrapped up in ribbons and bows. I will also keep working on my current thriller WIP and never give up the dream – the dream so many of us have.

So, my thoughts are with you all – all you writers, published or unpublished, and I wish each and every one of  you a peaceful festive season and a bright and exciting New Year.

Have you thought of your own hopes for the New Year? I imagine that we are along the same lines with regards to the writing world – but you can let me know, if you have the time that is!

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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