How to stop thinking about the agent issue.

Okay -I admit that I go through periods of nail-biting tension, anxiously checking my emails and the post, to see if I’ve had a response from an agent. I don’t literally bite my nails as I think it is a disgusting habit – but you catch my drift.

The weekend offers some respite,although a tiny part of my brain still hopes I may see something. Having had two partial requests, I feel as though I may be getting there, although I’m not at the point of lighting a cigar. My novel is a dark and gritty psychological thriller, and the very first chapter begins with a moment of aggression and power – perhaps too much too soon? Anyway, I digress – i use some of the following diversionary tactics to stop becoming too obsessed about the agent issue – perhaps you could give me a few more ideas.

1) Immerse yourself in a new WIP – live it – breathe it – and remember your writing is improving all the time.
2) Read novels in your preferred genre – explore the author’s genius and flare – or lack of, as the case may be.
3) Enter writing competitions.
4) If you have children – play board/card games – have fun and laugh – the hours will fly.
5) Cook a meal requiring a fair amount of preparation – chopping always clears my head.
6) Visit other writers’ blogs and tweets to see how they are getting on – it can help to know that you are not alone in your search.
7) Explore other options of publishing – such as Kindle, ebooks…

Thinking too much about acquiring an agent can make you frustrated and sometimes get you down – especially when another week has gone by without a peep. Such feelings are unnecessary emotions that can drain you of your productivity and hope. Don’t waste your energy – enjoy other realms of life – and if rejections flow in – send out some more queries.
In the meantime – write – write -write.

I would love to hear how you cope – the more options the better i feel. Welcome to the new followers – I appreciate you popping by.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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