Submerging myself in crime – research

Clarity is perhaps needed for my rather alarming title – but it has all been in a good cause, in other words, it’s for my WIP, a crime thriller.

Whilst I’ve had a few days of peace at home, I’ve been watching the crime channel -which although awash with American programmes – I have managed to find the odd British programme which I have watched with pen and notebook at the ready. I have written down phrases and procedures pertinent to this genre.

I have also scoured the Internet for sites on forensics for beginners, weaponry and CID work. There may be a lot of info that isn’t quite correct but fortunately one of my good friends is married to a policeman – I think he hides when he sees me coming – I live opposite them – poor man!

I would love to go to crime scenes – the closest I got to that was visiting young offenders in prison and attending court. I don’t feel I have the right to ask the Force if I could tag along, but if I were a published author, I may feel that I would be taken more seriously . Do any of you attend real-life research experiences?

I am planning to watch a British true crime programme tonight – should offer me some sweet dreams and hopefully plenty of hard facts.

I am truly understanding the adage – write what you know or what you’re interested in – I couldn’t do all this if it didn’t fill me full of passion.

I hope you are all doing well with your works – I may not be around much over the next few weeks as I must spend some time being a mother. Please, please forgive me if I miss your comment – they are always truly appreciated.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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