The ever expanding mind map

The mind map for my current WIP The Devil’s Breath is continually expanding – I am now having to stick more A4 paper together to form a poster, and soon I will need a larger wall space on which to display it during #amwriting time.

Although I have this poster, I still jot down ideas, plot twists, words and phrases on post-it notes which are scattered all over my desk. I’ve purchased a notebook to transfer all the above into so that I have a more organised record, especially as this WIP is hopefully the beginning of a series, and I will need to remember certain details for continuity.

The book on forensic science came today which I will use to ensure that the facts I use are correct.

I read in the Observer recently, an article on Agatha Christie’s writing method, and it was reassuring to read that she scribbled notes on the backs of envelopes and pieces of paper that she would leave lying around er house. Now I’m not comparing myself to the wonderful woman, all I am pointing out is that even the greatest of writers can have eccentric methods of writing their novels – so I feel there is hope for me yet.

I was wondering whether other writers have a more organised approach to their writing or whether we are all from the same bag of pick ‘n mix.

Happy Word Flow One & All

One thought on “The ever expanding mind map

  1. I'm glad to hear both you and Ms. Christie have notes and scribbles all over the place.

    I've tried using spreadsheets, but it still turns out the same, many tabs, lists of notes and still there are post-its on my desk, notes on envelopes and even emails sent to myself. I suppose it's just the creative process.


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