Thinking of a hook.

I’m still editing my crime novel, but already my mind is racing towards the next project.

I’ve written a psychological thriller which is currently ‘out there’, and a crime fiction – both of which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The crime novel could potentially be the first in a series, if I care to take that journey.

In the beginning, I wrote two novels in the genre of contemporary  womens’ fiction – but I like writing about dark characters and deeds so much, that I couldn’t quite get the nuances right. No need to say really – but they will never been seen.

Presently, I’m thinking about a hook for the next novel, and I believe I have thought of one. My problem is that I can’t seem to place it in a genre category – which without, my pitch is doomed and who are my readers? The hook needs to grab the agent – and with two partial requests for my thriller – I thought I had it.
I’m wondering whether I should always find a hook first and build a novel – that I’ll enjoy writing – around that.

I find commencing a new project exceedingly exciting, and it consumes much of my thinking time. I had hoped that writing my thoughts down would clarify issues for me – but I’m still left with feeling that often  ‘oddball’ or stand-alone novels  win the prizes and awards. Perhaps I should let my mind wander into another realm to pluck from it the musings of a wayward soul.

Happy Word Flow One & All.