Thinking of a hook.

I’m still editing my crime novel, but already my mind is racing towards the next project.

I’ve written a psychological thriller which is currently ‘out there’, and a crime fiction – both of which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The crime novel could potentially be the first in a series, if I care to take that journey.

In the beginning, I wrote two novels in the genre of contemporary  womens’ fiction – but I like writing about dark characters and deeds so much, that I couldn’t quite get the nuances right. No need to say really – but they will never been seen.

Presently, I’m thinking about a hook for the next novel, and I believe I have thought of one. My problem is that I can’t seem to place it in a genre category – which without, my pitch is doomed and who are my readers? The hook needs to grab the agent – and with two partial requests for my thriller – I thought I had it.
I’m wondering whether I should always find a hook first and build a novel – that I’ll enjoy writing – around that.

I find commencing a new project exceedingly exciting, and it consumes much of my thinking time. I had hoped that writing my thoughts down would clarify issues for me – but I’m still left with feeling that often  ‘oddball’ or stand-alone novels  win the prizes and awards. Perhaps I should let my mind wander into another realm to pluck from it the musings of a wayward soul.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of a hook.

  1. Actually I'm Claude Nougat: you probably know me under my pen name that I use on my blog…

    I wanted to say I enjoy reading your posts and you've just hit in this one on a major problem for us aspiring writers: the “genre” and the “hook” that should go with it. I have no advice to offer but in my experience if you find a hook you like, go with it: it'll carry you to the end of your novel!

    Then, after you've finished and thought about it and edited it a lot (ever the most boring task but alas a necessary one) you can always go back to your original hook and see if it works…or adjust as needed, in light of what was actually written!

    As to the “genre” question, I find that very, very annoying. I guess it's a matter of figuring out what sort of audience is going to want to read the kind of story you just wrote! And that's not easy to figure out!


  2. Claude – I am deeply embarrassed at having missed your comment – my sincere apologies.
    Glad I'm not the only writer to find the genre and hook a tricky issue – but like everyone else, I will continue to hone my skills & search for the 'golden' hook.
    Thank you for your supportive comments.
    Hemmie 🙂


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