Old Friends.

I am really excited about commencing a new novel – and this time i have two burgeoning ideas. One is a stand alone novel which I will save for the future, and the one I have chosen to work on is the second in the crime series following detectives Eva Wednesday and Jacob Lennox.

I have grown fond of the pair as they make me think, make me smile and sometimes make me angry – the important fact is – they make me feel. Therefore, I’m delighted to meet up with them again and watch them investigate crimes as well as deal with their individual personal issues.

I am currently researching poisons for this plot line and I have found an amazing book ‘Poison and Poisoning’ by Celia Kellett. The back cover blurb reads, ‘A venomously good guide no self-respecting murderer, detective or crime writer should be without…’ – may i point out that I am the latter and most definitely not the first – my family breath a sigh of relief.
Poison has been used for the purpose of murder for centuries, and offers a multitude of delicious methods to secrete the evil into the recipient.

I thoroughly enjoy delving into the darker side of humanity – displaying the macabre side of thoughts and deeds that almost everyone is capable of experiencing, given the right situation.

One problem about meeting up with old friends is that they demand a lot of attention and are not happy when I think about and do for others – which as a wife and mother – I tend to do a lot. Anyway, talking of the family – the meal won’t prepare itself – and I’ve already spent a few hours in A&E with youngest daughter and a fractured finger – oh the joys my dears, the joys!

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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