How to get published masterclass .

I attended this masterclass in London on Saturday, and I had a fabulous time listening to the speakers and meeting more aspiring authors – hi Race and Keith.
The speakers were Luigi Bonomi (agent), Peter James (author), Lesley Pearce (author), Jon Wood (editor Orion), and hosted by Fiona Lindsay.

What was really hammered home  is that we should view our novels as a product – see the whole process as a business and career. By viewing the novel as a product, we then seek out the market value of it rather than just the artistic value.
Luigi informed us that his agency receives about 6000 ms a year and only takes on 4 or 5 – but perseverance is a key to an author getting published – so don’t be put off by the stats.

Top tips the ensemble gave us were: believe in yourself; be aware of what the market wants, but write what you are passionate about; writing is a craft; read successful books in your chosen genre, but most of all, keep writing and always start again after rejection.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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