Idle Ramblings.

I missed writing my blog last week as I was on a family holiday without the laptop. Although I penned a few thousand words, I did find it relaxing too be away from the Internet and the potential rejections that could flow in.
I took in the sights, sounds and smells of nature to use in the atmospheric backdrop of my novel, and I swam to let the endorphins flood my mind and nurture my creative side.

Although I have tentatively sent out ‘The Violent Breath’ to three agents – I am no longer worrying about it, choosing instead to start writing a new WIP – ‘Rightful Owner’. This title came along with the concept of the story and it’s for keeps. As this is the second novel following my two detectives, I am enjoying following their personal journeys as well as writing the crime itself.

The moments of self-doubt and chagrin still rear their ugly heads from time to time – but I have a belief that my writing is evolving and improving with every novel I write.
Crime and thriller fiction are what I’m passionate about, but I also love the psychology of the individual – seeing what lies behind the protagonists and the killer’s behaviours. I toyed with the idea of writing a novel that revolves solely around this premise – and I have jotted down the concept in case it takes my fancy in the future.

Around the pool on holiday, I noticed several women reading mainly chick lit or thrillers – I only saw one kindle as it happens. I rejoiced at the amount of people reading as with so many of them, there is need for so many of us!

Happy Word Flow One & All

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