Writing versus family

Picture by Hagerstenguy.
Oh the shame – I’ve neglected this blog (poor baby), and focused what little time I’ve had on my WIP and short stories. Knowing that I needed to meet with you here niggled me – I hate to let people down. I’m aware of other bloggers with busy lives who seem to manage much more than I do – but comparing oneself to others can result in damaging consequences – so best not to go there.

The summer holidays with children puts a lot more pressure on the parenting role. I feel at times that I’m being selfish if I want to write instead of being thrashed at bananagrams, boggle or the dreaded Monopoly.
I also find that my best writing time is mid-afternoon and evening – which is a nightmare with a family that insist on being fed. We always eat around the table which offers quality time and conversation – and we always watch some TV together – even if it is The Gadget Show – which makes my eyes bleed.

I find my brain really kicks into gear when I go to bed – so I sit next to my long-suffering hubs and write – finding myself a tad annoyed if he speaks to me – poor man. However, my time is curtailed by hubs who wishes to sleep so he’s not tired for work in the morning.

I don’t want you to think I’m an ungrateful woman – I have a wonderful hubs, and two daughters who bring more joy into the house than disruption. I love them dearly, but I’m also exceedingly passionate about writing – in fact, it feels more like an addiction – and not one I wish to be weaned off.

So, I do acknowledge that managing writing with a family can have its drawbacks – but it can also add fodder to thoughts and actions for characters in the WP – unless of course one is writing about a blood-thirsty psychopath – one definitely hope not to have one of those around the dining table.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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