Author interview with EW Greenlee.

Name:  EW Greenlee
Book titles: The Chosen One of Allivar Trilogy:
                Rise of the Fallen
                Bound to Forbidden Lands
                Last Stand of the Living
Genre: Epic Fantasy Adventure
Publisher:  Private Label Self Published
Date of publication: October 1, 2011
Book blurb: The trilogy is an epic fantasy inspired by Lord of the Rings, Dante’s Inferno and Paradise Lost.  It is tale of the battle between the dark forces of the ethereal world and the sons of seven races on the last heavenly world of Allivar and the quest of one who will decide the fate between the light of life or darkness unforgiving.
How long did it take you to write this book?  Ten years, plus ten months of editing and publishing. However, the time involved was lengthy due to my demanding career as a CPA / financial advisor.  I took a hiatus in 2010 to write the second book of over 100,000 words in just one month.
How did you find a publisher? I used an independent publisher in Dallas that specializes in working with independent authors seeking to retain all intellectual property rights.  Brown Books Small Press.  My editor knows the owner, plus I kept a newspaper article written back in 2007, before eBooks became available. I learned a lot from the publisher on the inner workings.
What made you self publish? As a CPA and financial advisor I am aware of the revenue stream opportunities by retaining all my intellectual property rights.  I read the news daily and kept abreast of the major changes in self and ebook publishing.  From the changes in the industry I felt self-publishing would assist me in leveraging those intellectual property rights.  Besides, it is not as complicated as publishers would have you think.
How have you promoted your book? Initially I promoted my stories through Facebook and YouTube book trailers.  Subsequently I have found Twitter to be more successful.  Lately I have supplemented my digital marketing to include my website and blog.  I have also utilized my Chamber of Commerce to host a book signing and have located local book fairs.  I also created a sweepstakes accessible from Twitter and Facebook to get the stories out to readers across the world.  I also decided to release the entire trilogy at once due to comments I had read about waiting too long for serial based books.
How do you combat writer’s block, if you indeed experience it? I simply take a break when the story does not flow.  Once separated from the computer the imagination takes hold again.
What other writing do you do? In addition to writing humor posts on my blog, I am most interested in science fiction and supernatural writing.  These genres provide the escapism I need from the non-creative world of accounting, where creativity can only land you in prison.
What methods do you use to plan/write your book? I begin each story with a premise, developing the beginning and the ending.  From there I develop the chapter outlines and begin writing the first chapter.  However, at times the story leads me to write in other chapters as my imagination leaps ahead. I then re-read the story making my own edits and then submitting to a focus group.  I prepare a questionnaire to gage if the story and characters had the impact I desired.
How long have you been writing prior to getting published? I began my first book in the early 80’s.  The trilogy is my first completed work.
How do you cope with rejections? I have no rejections due to the nature of self-publishing.  I created a focus group of readers to critique my stories so that I can gain a sense of the acceptance of readers, not agents or publishers. Criticism is simply a way of life, yet authors need to understand that for every critic, there is also someone who will enjoy your story.
What piece of advice would you give to debut writers? Research all avenues and decide what is best for you personally.  Meet with fellow authors and receive their critique. However, if rejections continue, you owe to yourself to self-publish and take a chance.  Advances in technology and resources make it easier than ever to give your story a shot.
Are you currently writing another book? Yes, I have over 35 books in premise phase.  However, my first priority is to complete my mythology by writing fifteen books that will supplement the trilogy.
Where can your book be purchased from?
Links from my internet site at www.allivarcreative.comand major ebook retailers.
Twitter @EWGreenlee

I would like to thank EW Greenlee for his insightful answers and enthusiasm in taking part in this interview.

If anyone else is interested  in taking part in an author interview, then please contact me.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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  1. Thank you Hemmie, this is most appreciated. Now it is my turn to reciprocate. I wish you the best of success in 2012 and never give up on writing. The world needs new stories and story-tellers.


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