Working with a Publisher.

Sabbs-in cartoon form from David Michael.

Having written in a solitary situation for the past four years, working with a publisher has been a real eye-opener as I suddenly feel part of a team – rather than being my own boss, PA and tea maker all rolled into one.

I have never worked with an Editor before now, and to be honest, I was filled with trepidation until the day he – James – contacted me. He sent me an email explaining the whole process in a language I could comprehend, and I have found that he doesn’t mind me asking inane questions.

The publisher warned me that my patience would be tested during the editing process. Thus far, I found the transition from “Mum is at her writing hobby again” to “Mum has got real work to do to a deadline” hasn’t quite sunk in with my family. They have been spoilt over the past few years by my taking on every role in the house – from cook and cleaner to ironing fairy and games partner, so now I need to spend some quality time in my writing world, it’s hard for them to fathom out. This is where my patience is tried so far, and perhaps when they hold my book in their hand, they’ll understand!

But having a publisher doesn’t mean just having and Editor-in-Chief. It entails having deadlines, expectations in a two-way process and executing the art of promotion. I am no longer just writing for me in my own time – we have a contract where we pledge to work together with the same goal – the book.

Working alongside people across the Atlantic means that I have people to connect with. I’ll have a virtual celebration the day my book comes out, and as for the Christmas office party, well, I shall be wearing a paper crown, drinking egg nog and dancing on my own in a corner.

This is my first step in my dream – and Winter Goose are guiding me along the runway until they launch me into the sky, where my dreams may fly.

Happy Word Flow One & All.