I’ve missed you

 My daughter Rosie (in the blue top) playing football & closely marking her opponent (so closely that they look like they’re holding hands in this photo!)

My last few posts have been author interviews – which have been fun and informative – but I’ve missed having a chat with you all.

I’m still busy writing. I’ve started a new WIP whilst awaiting the next round of editing for The Divine Pumpkin. I’ve also sent the publisher two more novels to see if they are interested, so my writing life is jam packed, and I love it. Writing truly makes me excited, even if it’s hard going at times.

Rosie (daughter #2) trains every Saturday and plays a match every Sunday in the under 15yr girls’ team. We get very involved watching the team play, especially as they are really bonding as a team now. This is a passionate interest for Rosie, something I feel we all should have, whatever that may be. It keeps us sane.

I’m avidly reading, and joining Goodreads is a must for all writers. It’s a great way to connect with other readers and writers, and a way to share recommended books to read. This author lark takes up a lot of time!

Facebook is still a foe to me. I have fits and starts with it. I feel so much closer to people on Twitter, whereas FB seems to be like an alien planet to me but one I must persist with. Again, authors need a fan page on FB so it’s another must for us all.

The sunny weather has lightened my disposition so that I can inject a bit of humour in my writing – I’m trying not to be too dark in places, although the dark side will inevitably rear it’s ugly head from time to time.

Daughter #1 is going to a chemistry lecture tonight at Cambridge University, and daughter #2 is on her way home, so I must evolve into the mother role until I can tap away at the keys again later this evening.

Welcome to the new followers – I appreciate the support from you all.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

2 thoughts on “I’ve missed you

  1. Sorry I missed this, editing has ruled my life lately!
    It's interesting that you also found FB a disappointment as an author. Twitter is very supportive and I do believe Goodreads will be amazing once understood – and you've given me hope!
    Thanks for your comment 🙂


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