‘Lessons From The Monk I Married’ – review

I was lucky enough to have been asked by Katherine Jenkins’ publicist to review her book ‘Lessons From The Monk I Married, which is out today – 3rd April. 
The book is name after her blog which goes by the same title – a blog I recommend you visit if you haven’t already. Both offer inspirational reading which is sometimes good for the soul.
My 17yr old daughter now wants to read this book, in between studying for her A levels, volunteering and her social life. This book may give her some precious wisdom and food for thought.
Below is the review I sent to Katherine’s publicist. It was an honour to be asked and I wish Katherine much luck with her book and all that goes with it. 

Review of ‘Lessons From The Monk I Married’ by Katherine Jenkins

This book exceeded all my expectations, by offering an insight into South Korea, meditation, adversity and love. I could see and smell the sights and local cuisine as though I was travelling with Katherine Jenkins on her journey.
The book is divided into Lessons which lead us through the complexities of life, allowing spirituality, yoga and Buddhism to cast a powerful light on events, as well as Katherine’s own views.
Katherine’s tenacity at overcoming hardship and believing in love that is truly meant to be is both inspirational and moving.
On finishing the book, I was left feeling spiritually uplifted with a renewed zest for life. The memoirs of Katherine Jenkins are an experience you won’t forget.
Hemmie Martin, author of The Divine Pumpkin.
I hope that you are all enjoying your world of writing and that you are riding the highs and lows with equal strength. My novel will be published next month – how time flies – and I’m feeling a host of fears and emotions I haven’t experienced before. That may be a post for the future.
Happy Word Flow One & All

The cover of Katherine’s book.

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