Find Your Own Style

Photo: Romance from Ms.Lume

I will often read a novel and be swept away by the author’s style of writing. Their choice of words and fluid prose will often make me query whether I’ll achieve such prowess.
But as a writer, I mustn’t recreate another author’s style, I must find my own. And how do I do that? With a lot of practise; writing over and over until I see my personal stamp in the form of style, emerging from the page.

But I have to practise in a certain way, without forcing the issue. Style has to come naturally and not be forced onto the page. I use words that I would normally use, although I do try to be more eloquent at times. My Editor, however,  may suss me out and vote with his Red Pen should I try to be too clever!
Using words that come naturally allow the sentence to flow from my fingertips without having to consult the thesaurus every few lines, which would jar my concentration and creative flow.

This philosophy will also ensure a better flow for the reader, as they won’t require a dictionary to get through the pages of my novel. I’m not saying that the reader is an uneducated fool, but rather I see the reader reading my novels for pleasure and relaxation, rater than an exercise in increasing their vocabulary.
This, of course, may be behind the concept of writing a literary novel – but here I’m just speaking for myself. Of course reading on a Kindle has made looking up a word in the dictionary very easy – albeit an interruption of the flow.

Brevity is an essential component of style. This means using less words to say something in order to move the story along. Those of you that know me personally will know that I’m a verbose person – hence my disenchantment with writing short stories! I know I’m prone to over write the emotional aspects of a character, due to my professional background.

To draw this to a conclusion, (for now, as there is so much more to say about style, for another post) I would say have confidence in knowing that your own style will emerge if you don’t force it.
Let it bubble to the surface, like the bubbles in a glass of sparkling water.
Have faith in yourself as a writer and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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