Seeking Perfection

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. I’ve started a new novel, but my ever-present companion Mr. Critic, is looking over my shoulder and berating my effort. I’m 21,000 words into it, but I keep re-reading and tweaking it.

Now I know that I should just get the story written before I begin the long process of re-drafting and editing., but for some reason I’m stuck. I’ve written a mind map plotting the story, and I have cue cards for each character to remind me of their features and personality, so I should really know where I’m going.

So, what to do?

Well, when I’ve written this I’m going to make an earl grey tea and then settle down to write. I will endeavour to ignore the voice telling me that my words are weak, spelt incorrectly (this I DO find hard to ignore) and the plot isn’t interesting enough. I must try and say this mantra, ‘it’s not the best but it’s god enough for now’. The poet David Harsent said, ‘All writing is rewriting’ . A great phrase to remember.

I have just recently been through the editing process with my Editor, so I’m aware that  I have several rewrites before I even send this one to him, and then numerous edits with him.. It’s a long process – and we all know it.

Losing confidence is apparently a common phenomenon amongst writers, so instead of allowing myself to be buried under it’s colossal weight, I’m going to type away at the keyboard and write the bare bones of this novel. The characters are already living in my head, so I should listen and let them speak as they will guide me down paths I haven’t even thought of. It worked in the past so I should stop being anxious and afraid and just get on with writing.

Hope the words are flowing for you, but take solace in the fact that we all feel this way at times.

Happy Word Flow One & All

                                     Just Write by Sean Magantee.

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