Can Anybody Hear Me?

My beautiful eldest daughter.

Writing a book is one thing, marketing it is another. If I’m honest, I much prefer writing – even editing – rather than marketing, but it is the devil I need to grab by the horns.

I have read numerous articles both on paper and on the web, on how to promote oneself and the book in question. But I have always learnt better by modelling rather than just reading alone. But I no longer work as part of a team where I can ask someone to show me what to do. I am, of course, part of a virtual team with Winter Goose Publishing in America, but I can’t grab their hand, guide it to my laptop and say, “show me please.”

FaceBook and Twitter are mentioned frequently, but I can’t just use use both mediums to say, “look at me, buy my book,” I would lose friends/follows rapidly, and quite rightly so.

What can be disconcerting is that the web is bulging with authors trying to get their book noticed. What makes someone stand out more than another? Is it a eye-catching book cover? Is it a string of 5* book reviews? Is it a succession of novels to the author’s name? All of this issues count, and yet it must be more than that.

I am astounded when someone I don’t know on Twitter or FB – or at least I believe I don’t know – leaves a review on Amazon. I wonder where they found my book? Of course, I can’t ask them, but it would be a great learning curve to know what works, and ultimately what doesn’t.

Marketing is rather like searching for a shooting star. I can look towards to sky and see the stars, but the one I want is elusive and I only manage to see by luck. I can hear some of you screaming that marketing is not a matter of luck, but hard graft and intelligent use of the web. I agree!

 However, I believe there is also a certain amount of luck needed too. Luck in that someone spots your book, falls in love with it and spreads the word. Or luck that an agent or publisher find your book intriguing, or even luck that your genre is flavour of the month.

Someone told me that they marketed their own book and sold 200 books in one month. I have asked her to show me  her strategy, but I’m still waiting to hear from her. I will pass on the information as soon as I have it, as I’m sure we could al do with a little help in that area.

I was hoping to be a bit more market savvy before my next novel comes out in Feb 2013. I do at least have some more time before then, but I’m aware that working with an editor is very time consuming, plus I’m writing another novel at this moment in time, whilst trying to be a competent mother, wife, cook, homework wizard and housekeeper.

I have found services who will advertise my book for a fee, and they look very tempting. I have an advert out now in Mslexia, and I’ve also advertised in the local community magazine. I intend to pursue some of these avenues, especially when I have two books to sell. Some of the products that are available are too complicated for me to follow and understand. I don’t know whether that reflects badly on the product or on me!

I wasn’t born to sell wares, I was a nurse – a giver – and I now find I’m floundering in these murky waters. And yet all authors have to tread these waters, even the successful ones, so why should I be any different?

Perhaps someone out there has more answers than I do, answers that I can understand!. I’m hoping that someone can hear me now!

Happy Word Flow One & All

Each day I learn more about writing and marketing