Sunshine Award

I am delighted and honoured that I have been awarded the Sunshine Award by fellow blogger Dean Pace-Frech He has a wonderful blog, so pop over and check it out.
I now have to answer the fun questions below, and then nominate ten fellow bloggers who will be listed below. Enjoy!
What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie?  Love Actually.
What is your favourite flower? Mexican Orange Blossom (ok, I know it’s a shrub, but it has a beautiful white flower which smells heavily of orange).
What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage? San Pelligrino water when it’s hot, and a vanilla latte when it’s cold.
What is your passion? Writing. I know that may sound cliched, but I am compelled to write daily, and I feel passionate about my characters and their twisted lives. Reading comes a hot second.
What is your favourite time of year? Hm, difficult one, as each season appeals to me. I don’t like the stress running up to Christmas, but I do enjoy the fairy lights on the houses and in the trees. i love mulled wine and playing games with the family., so I’m plumping for Christmas!
What is your favourite time of day? Early morning, sitting in the garden (weather permitting), drinking a vanilla latte and contemplating the plotline of the current WIP, or reading. 
What is your favourite physical activity?  It used to be rowing in a mixed crew, but now I would say it’s walking.
What is your favourite vacation?  I would have to say my honeymoon in Corfu. The weather was stunning, I felt good in a bikini and I enjoyed many Angel Kiss cocktails during Happy Hour!
And the nominees are:
A.K.Andrew –
Have a browse around these blogs where you’ll find short stories, flash fiction, poetry and even beautiful prose about fishing and nature.
Happy Word Flow One & All

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