The Writer’s Drought

I write every day to flex my creativity and mind. I don’t have a specific amount of words, or whether I write by hand or on the keyboard. I sometimes choose to work on my WIP, my blog, or just on scraps of paper.
However, these past few days I’ve experienced a drought of creativity and word flow. I have found it a painful and demoralising experience, with a risk of it bringing me down if I don’t deal with it. So here I am, talking to you, and hoping that discussing will reignite my writer’s mode. But even this is proving to be hard.
So what’s getting in the way? Work is tiring, but that’s not a good enough excuse. Christmas is around the corner, and I’m preparing for the event, with all presents nearly bought, but again it’s a poor excuse. Household chores can also hardly be counted as an excuse. So what’s happening?
My third novel is due out this month, and I’m painfully aware that I should endeavour to promote my work more liberally.  I have the second book in the crime series already written and accepted by the publisher, and I’m currently writing the third.  So I have plenty going on in the writing world, and yet I’m drawing a blank page in my mind.
I know I need time and peace to write, both of which can be difficult to find in a family home. I am sensitive to the moods of others, not helped by having a teenager in the home! 
I think I need to stop procrastinating and browsing Twitter and FB, and damn-well get on with it.  There is no magic to writing, just a lot of hard work and reaching deep into ones mind. So with that in mind, I shall post this then open my WIP and get on with typing words, no matter that I will delete and re-write many of them in the near future.  
Happy Word Flow, One & All.

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