Those pesky doubts.

I hope that my poor mastering of the ever evolving technology allows me to post the link to my Goodreads Giveaway below.

I have three, signed copies of  ‘In the Light of Madness’ to give away. However, this time around, I’m only offering them to people who live in the UK, as whenever I have included other countries, the USA always wins! I thought I’d give my fellow Brits a chance this time!

I’m currently writing the third novel in the DI Wednesday series, and I’ve been struggling for a few days now. I’m close to the denouement, but I am doubting my route. I’m wondering whether there are enough twists, whether the reader will have guessed ‘who did it’. My mind is being tortured by the taunting of the characters, who all seem to be leading me a merry dance.

In January’s edition of ‘Writing Magazine’, Val McDermid is interviewed, and I found much comfort in her words. the interview began with ‘I still approach every book with a sense of doubt and dread’. I’m with you there, Val. She goes on to say that she believes it’s ‘a healthy approach’.  I want to laminate her interview so I can re-read it at moments such as this.

Val McDermid also says that she has self-doubt with every single book when she reaches about three-quarters of the way through the book. However, she just keeps writing. She suggests writers reaching this stage just write through it. This is me, and I’m going to follow her guidance and just write through it.

I can prevaricate as well as anyone; even writing this short post has taken me away from a blank page. I need to buck-up my ideas, and stop worrying so much, otherwise DI Wednesday will get very cranky with me, and justifiably so.

So, head over to Goodreads and enter the giveaway. Fingers crossed you get it.

Happy Word Flow One & All

PS. The link I posted didn’t work (what a surprise!), so just head over there, I know you can find it.

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