Orchard Author Event

How have you been lately? Me? Well the words have been flowing lately, thank you very much, but my get-up and get-out-there author promotion has been rather hit-and-miss. And who is to blame? Well me of course.

In my daily life, at work, I’m not a person brimming with confidence, I like to quietly get on with things, not drawing attention to myself. However, in the author world, this is exactly what I should be doing. I have a FB Author Page, this blog, and Twitter, but who wants to follow someone who constantly self-promotes? I’ve contacted a couple of promotion agencies, and I’m weighing up the options as they both have fees attached.

My publisher has a page displaying my books and some information about me, which is all very nice, but I need to direct people to it, otherwise how would they come across a small-fry like me? Oh, it’s Winter Goose Publishing, thanks for asking *blush*

I imagine I’m not alone in just wanting to write, and let the promotion side trundle-on by itself. It’s safe in my writing world; I can be mean, dangerous, rude, arrogant, and commit unspeakable crimes without being punished or snubbed. I can type in bare feet whilst eating mango or chocolate peanuts. I can drink copious amounts of coffee, and sit and watch the birds in the garden if I feel I need a break. And most of all, I’m hidden.

Well, something popped into my inbox the other day, that made me swallow all my fears and say, yes I will attend. What? I hear you cry. It’s the Orchard Book Club Author Event, and I’m going to be one of twenty-five authors attending it. Oh yes, I’ve booked my place, even though it’s not until March 2015. Don’t berate me, I’ve given myself plenty of time to develop confidence and order freebies to give away.

I won’t write the details here as I’ll post a link for you to click on. There’s a Ball in the evening; holy moly, what am I going to wear???

Now I really want to get back to writing, as I have a female character in grave danger; will DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox get to her in time? Maybe not as I’m feeling particularly dark today, and murder can be so deliciously evil – only in fiction, you understand.

Happy Word Flow One & All

Link to event details

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