Orchard Book Club Author Event 2015

My ticket arrived today for the Author Event and charity ball in Peterborough, on Saturday 14th March 2015.
There’s been more to planning for such an event than I anticipated. I joined the Facebook group of authors attending this event, and it was there I discovered what I needed to do.

Firstly, there was a mention of swag. What’s that all about, I thought. I then discovered they were items to give away freely, or with the purchase of a book. Oh, I see. So, I had my book covers printed on cotton book bags, to give away with the purchase of a book. For the freebies, I’ve had bookmarks printed with my logo on – which incidentally I paid someone to design – and I’ve used this logo on my banner too. Banner, I hear you say? Yes, authors were putting photos of their banners on Facebook, and I realised I’d need one if I was going to be seen at an event. I’m delighted with the result.

Other authors have made wine glass charms and jewellery, but I haven’t ventured there. I have neither the skill or patience to venture into that domain, and I admire those authors who have made these items.

Then there’s the dress for the charity ball. Heavens, the list is endless, but fun all the same. I’m entering a different world for the first time, so I hope when I attend the Birmingham event in July, and the Essex one in 2016, I feel more confident than I do now!

I will be sure to post photos and write a post about the Peterborough event. I’m not overly confident about selling many books, as the majority of authors attending this event write romance and erotica, so I’m not convinced my darker genres will appeal, but hey, I’m going to enjoy myself!

Happy Word Flow One & All