Moving Forward

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As another end of year rapidly approaches, I find myself reflecting on what has been, good and bad, and what I hope is to come in the New Year.

As a child, I would religiously write New Year Resolutions, ranging from grow my hair, to study hard, to lose weight – the usual I suppose. I continued this up until a few years ago. After having a break from giving myself goals I can berate myself with if I fail, I’ve decided to start again.

But this time, it’s different. This time I’m going to be realistic, have fewer resolutions, and I won’t damn myself if I don’t manage to achieve everything; I’m only human, a mere mortal.

Although I’m a writer, and some resolutions will undoubtedly revolve around the writing arena, I also have a life and a family. I have hopes and aspirations for all the areas of my life.

Now I’m no beauty queen, but I do wish the world would settle down into a more peaceful, cohesive place to live in, especially as I wish to visit more countries, now my daughters have left home for university. One could say that I shouldn’t let fear rule my choices, but I’m quite a nervous traveller, so any whiff of danger, and I’m off – or rooted to the spot.

My garden is in dire need of some TLC, but I always finding writing more appealing than chores. Gardening shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but you haven’t seen the pruning required *sigh*

Social media is also time consuming, but generally fun. I mainly use FB for enjoyment, connecting with friends, and my author page. But it’s Twitter where I seem to connect with my readers, and I love it. I feel FB hogs most of my media time, but one of my resolutions is to focus more on Twitter. Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

I’m rather  lapse with my blog, and would like to add that to my resolution list, but I feel I may regret that move very quickly.

Whatever happens, I’ll try and move forward as a writer, and as a human being, with all that entails.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that all my novels are only £1.99, my latest novel – Garlic & Gauloises is £2.01, for the month of December, on Amazon.


May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a joyous, peaceful, fun, healthy, and successful New Year.

Happy 2016 Word Flow One & All

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