The Woes of Wednesday

Better DI W billboard

I originally wrote ‘In the Light of Madness’ as a stand-alone crime novel, featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, but I found I had an affinity with her, and being without her made my world seem a lonelier place. She intrigued me, and all her anxiety about having a mentally ill mother passing on her malady made me wonder what was in store for her?

Wednesday has a tantalising half-sister, Scarlett Willow, who always overshadowed her with her beauty and charisma when they were growing-up. Scarlett is bi-sexual, which seems to intrigue the men around her, including Jacob Lennox, who meets her at Wednesday’s home during one of their working-lunches. Even though he has a disdain for journalists in general, Scarlett’s profession doesn’t get in the way, and soon the pair enter into a relationship.

As their relationship rises, dips, and fizzles, and Scarlett’s own mental health comes under Wednesday’s scrutiny, she tries to warn Lennox without revealing her mother’s own mental ill health issues. She has always kept her mother’s condition a secret from the workplace, fearing the mis-conceptions on mental illness will prejudice against her role as a DI and prevent her from attaining a higher position in the future.

Wednesday is 39 yrs old, ordinary looking, single, with something in her past that makes her fear entering into a relationship again. She is bright, sometimes passive-aggressive, and fiercely loyal to guarding her private life from her work colleagues. She is a team player, likes using mind-maps to work out crimes, and often lacks self-confidence in her ability as a career woman and daughter.

As the series progresses, I love her more, and I hope that the readers find her just as intriguing and enjoyable to be around.

If you’re interested in reading the series in chronological order to follow the backstory of both of the detectives, the order is: In the Light of Madness, Rightful Owner, Shadows in the Mind, and What Happens After.


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