Wasted Emotions for Writers #2

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Where’s The Time Mr Wolf?

Finding the time to write is always tricky if you live with other people, have a job, have a social life, have an illness…let’s face it, life in general can just get in the way.

And isn’t it ironic, when we find we do have the time, we may not have the inspiration or inclination, but when our time is devoted to others, or work, inspiration pours into our minds so fast, we feel our minds will explode. Perhaps it’s because we’re not focusing on trying to write; we’re letting our characters and plot-lines brew in the teapot of our mind.

But fretting over not having enough time is counterproductive. We’re winding ourselves up and then not enjoying what we’re doing at the time. We will always find the time to write – just look at the amount of books published yearly – clearly we find a way.

The Blank Page Phenomenon

How often do we sit in front of a blank screen or blank page in a notebook and expect inspiration to flow from our fingertips or pen? And how many times do we find our minds empty, rigid, free-falling into a dark ravine? Too many times to count, eh?

However, the more writer’s blogs I read, and interviews with well-established authors I devour in writing magazines, the more I realise  that this happens to everyone – no matter how successful they are. What a relief! Now, instead of berating myself when I suffer with a dulled brain, I just tell myself that it’s a normal phenomenon and not to be so hard on myself. Hope you can be kinder to yourself too.

When One Book Is Finished, Will I Have Another One In Me? 

This is a doubt that can niggle away at the back of our minds. Maybe we’ve poured all our creativity into the one novel, leaving us with nothing left for another one? I feel this every time I finish one, and yet I have seven published so far, with another one completed, and two being written.

It’s okay to have a rest between novels, if that’s what our brain requires, although personally I like to delve into another one – alternating genres to keep my writing brain refreshed. There are no rules; just write when you’re ready.

I can’t say exactly where my ideas come from; they pop into my head whilst doing chores, or a seed is planted whilst reading a newspaper article. All I can say is that I keep getting ideas, which I jot down in a notebook, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying that maybe this novel will be my last? When I find the cure for this worry, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Wishing you all a beautiful day and a peaceful writing mind. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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