The Reluctant Mother


May I introduce you to the cover of my latest contemporary novel – ‘The Reluctant Mother’, due to be released on the 7th May 2017.

Postnatal psychosis strips Colette of her early time with her baby, shreds her sanity, and almost destroys her marriage. When suicide seems the only option, Colette must face her limitations and move forward with demons clinging to every aspect of her life, whilst desperately trying to hold on to what she dearly loves.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel as it centres around a small group of characters, some laced with mental-health issues, and follows the dark deeds some people will do to attain what they want in life, regardless of how it affects those around them.

Research is something I enjoy when writing a novel, although I can be distracted by it at times, and spend far too much time reading interesting articles instead of writing. This topic was fascinating,  albeit a very distressing condition for the sufferers and those around them. The novel, however, tends to dwell on the relationships and interaction between those on the periphery of the illness, not just on Colette’s condition.

I hope that this short post and the book cover has piqued your interest. Thank you for your visit here.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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