A Room of My Own

writing room 2018

After years of writing in my armchair, on the sofa, on the dining room table, progressing to a small desk in the lounge, I’ve finally moved to a house with my own writing room. This has afforded me a larger desk (a Victorian pine kitchen table) and an office chair which is much more accommodating on the back, neck and shoulders, than a dining room chair.

I now have a notice board on the wall above my desk where I can place important info regarding the current novel, a cupboard where I can store all my writing files, and a bookcase dedicated to books on writing and creativity. For the hot days we’ve been experiencing, I have a large stainless-steel fan in place to keep me cool. It’s still a little too messy for my liking, but having only moved three months ago, it’s the last room to be sorted and it will eventually happen.

At last I have peace, away from hubs and his constant need to have the TV on in the background, regardless of what drivel is on – often rolling sports news – need I say more? I keep the door open, however, as Alfie mews at the closed door – he likes to wander in and check on me – occasional sleeping in his bed or on my laptop!

Have I been more productive? Well yes and no, Writing without distraction is infinitely better, but being alone does mean I can nod off and hubs isn’t there to wake me up.

A writing room is by no means essential – I’ve managed for years – and I know I’m very fortunate to finally have one, but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t want to be without, now. Thankfully, this is our forever home after years of moving for work and growing children, so I can rest assured this is my room for as long as I need it – I’ve no idea when I’ll stop writing – if ever?

Do you have your own writing space, or do you prefer being surrounded by household hubbub? We’re all different and seek different experiences and environments to work in.

Happy Word Flow One & All

2 thoughts on “A Room of My Own

  1. We have getting work done on our house over Summer Hemmie and, while it a work in progress, I too finally have a ‘room’ ….without smelly sports gear & every piece of junk we never knew where else to put!!! Isn’t it wonderful. X

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