Happy New Year!


Well here we are in 2019, let’s hope it’s a year of peace, understanding and hope. I also hope for a year of fabulous books from diverse authors in a plethora of genres, with plenty of readers to be enveloped in the pages.

On a personal note, I moved to Beccles on the Suffolk/Norfolk border seven months ago and I feel so settled here. The town offers me everything I need, including an independent bookshop and gym – yes, I did say gym –  and the people are so friendly and helpful. This house affords me a room of my own to write in and store all my books on writing and the numerous box files of notes on past and future novels. I do appreciate how lucky I am, but I have worked hard all my life to get here, it didn’t just land in my lap!

We had a wonderful family Christmas, with both daughters coming home from university for the holiday. They are both in their final years of their degrees and I’m very proud of their hard work and the adults they have grown-up to be. We had a fun time playing board games whilst eating and drinking all the naughty stuff, hence my need to go to the gym!

Alfie, our rescue cat is thoroughly enjoying his new home with plenty of gardens to explore and other cats to befriend. He’s such a dear soul, loving, gentle and a white bundle of fun. As a former dog only lover, I am taken aback at how much Alfie has taught me about cats and how adorable they are. I still talk to dog owners and their dogs on my walk into town, but I also now stop and pet cats I see along the way – how changeable we are, no matter what age.

I have two contemporary novels almost finished and I’m undecided what I’ll do with them. I still haven’t branched out into the self-publishing arena, mainly due to fear of the unknown. I could send them to my publisher, or I perhaps try another avenue yet to be determined. I sent the first three chapters of one of the novels into a competition and received some very positive and constructive feedback which I am now incorporating into the manuscript and my writing in general.

I hope 2019 offers you the opportunities you seek, the love you require and a healthy mind and body. Thank you for following me and reading my blog, I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy Word Flow One & All

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. We had to wait for the girls to go to uni before we could move, too, but it’s worth the wait! Plus, the girls have much bigger bedrooms here than they did before, so they’re happy if they have to return home after uni. You will achieve the future you desire eventually as you appear to be a proactive, tenacious and hard working woman.


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