5 Things I’m Grateful For

Alfie & RM 2

I always enjoy reading posts from @MarinaSofia8 via Twitter and in one of her posts, she wrote about five things she was grateful for. So, with her permission, I will do a similar post.

Graduation of both daughters

This year, our eldest qualified as a vet and our youngest became a computer scientist. We were immensely proud to attend both Graduation events and were even more delighted they both commenced work in their chosen fields straight away. We are empty-nesters!


Thanks to my eldest, we became parents to a rescue cat over two years ago. Having always been dog people, we were surprised how much we came to love Alfie. He has compensated for not having the girls at home in many ways, although he doesn’t show love for us in the same way or depth – he’s a cat after all.

Moving to Beccles

We moved here 19 months ago and it’s been the loveliest place we’ve lived together in our 21 years together. Before I met hubs, I lived in other gorgeous places such as Norwich, York and the south of France, but when I met hubs, when we were both community nurses in London, I began a journey of living in places I was never happy with – and I don’t let him forget it!  Finally, we’re both happy in this vibrant market town on the Suffolk/Norfolk border – our forever home.

Having a room of my own

I finally have a room to write in, where I can hide away, surrounded by books and clutter we have yet to find places for. It’s wonderful to have a pin board to keep track of writing issues and a desk I don’t have to keep tidy as it’s in the lounge – as in the previous house. Alfie often joins me and naps in one of the 3 beds in the room – yes, he’s a spoilt cat. Sadly, hubs will often pop his head around the door to tell me the latest joke he’s read on Twitter, but as long as he makes me mugs of coffee, I can’t complain too much.

Local writing group

I joined a local writing group and we meet once a month in one writer’s gorgeous summer house. I was never a fan of writing short stories and was surprised to find I actually enjoyed penning them, even though they are always quite dark. Much as I try to lighten the mood of the story, it always veers towards the darker side of fiction, even though I’m a happy, sociable (within limits) person. I have met a lovely group of women and learnt things regarding writing and the local area along the way.

So there you have it, five things I’m grateful for, although I have more which I will save for another post. I hope you can also find five or more things you are grateful for in your lives.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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