What Stops Me From Writing?

Sitting in my local cafe with a Match & homemade sourdough crumpets.

I write every day; it’s what makes me happy – unless the words aren’t flowing. On those days, the negative voice in my head is telling me the story is rubbish, and I’m a terrible writer. For those moments, I look at the positive comments I’ve received from my tutor or editor at The Novelry, or from agents who, although they have rejected me, are keen to see any further novels from me. These are all printed out and pinned above my desk.

I try to look at Twitter and Instagram in the morning, as I can get sucked into the vortex and swill around without noticing the time passing. I follow so many book bloggers I’m often steered towards Waterstones to add books to my future purchases list, or buy them there and then, especially if there’s a signed copy on offer – my weakness. Thankfully, I’m not a fan of FB, although I have an author page there.

Being at home also means I’m interrupted from writing by the washing machine, dust which is screaming to be swept away, or Alfie, our rescue cat, who wants stroking while he eats, given water from my cupped hands under the bathroom tap, playing with indoors, or company in the garden while he rolls in the soil. I cannot ignore his pitiful meowing or his eyes staring at me until I move and follow him.

There are some days when I’m reading a novel that is so good that I just want to sit and read it until I finish it. Although it’s imperative for an author to read, sometimes it does make me feel that what I am writing is not good enough. Comparing oneself to others brings nothing but pain.

Of course, the news is also taking its toll on my creativity. I watch the news once a day only to keep abreast of what’s happening, but it’s so upsetting that it can be hard to focus on anything positive in life, as there is an element of feeling guilty about how I’m living compared to the people in Ukraine. The behaviour of human beings toward one another is so abhorrent in this situation it is incomprehensible.

Well, dear reader and writer, I hope you are not stymied from writing too often, and if you are, you find ways of dealing with it. Of course, it is good to have a break when things aren’t going your way, and I find nature extremely beneficial in those moments, whether it’s walking by the river, on the common, or sitting or working in the garden. May you all have a peaceful day.

Happy Word Flow One & All

2 thoughts on “What Stops Me From Writing?

  1. Just catching up with some of my usual bloggers now, as I fell behind while I was on holiday. I know exactly what you mean: in my case, it’s a bit like exercise. Once I stop writing for a while (even if it’s for a perfectly valid reason like deadlines at work or some family emergency), I find it so hard to get back into the rhythm of things. I hope you recovered your zest for writing!

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    • I’m like you in the exercise arena – prior to the original lockdown, I regularly attended yoga and gym classes, but they are a thing of the past now. Writing is still with me daily, but I do procrastinate occasionally. I’m currently making a list of things I would like from Ikea for my office. I hope you return to the world of writing soon.


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